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IExportPDF2.ExportMeasureInfo Property

Indicates whether geographic coordinate and measurement information is exported.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Property ExportMeasureInfo As Boolean
public bool ExportMeasureInfo {get; set;}
HRESULT get_ExportMeasureInfo(
  VARIANT_BOOL* pbMeasureInformation
HRESULT put_ExportMeasureInfo(
  VARIANT_BOOL pbMeasureInformation


pbMeasureInformation [out, retval]   pbMeasureInformation is a parameter of type VARIANT_BOOL pbMeasureInformation [in]   pbMeasureInformation is a parameter of type VARIANT_BOOL

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Recent versions of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader allow for encoding of map coordinate system and georeference information inside the PDF file. Exporting a map with the ExportMeasureInfo  property set to True will record map georeference information inside the PDF. When the georeferenced PDF is opened in a compatible viewer, such as Adobe Reader 9, the user can access geospatial functions such as coordinate readout and find XY.

With the 9.3 PDF patch installed, the default value of this property is True.  The patch is available for public download: "ArcGIS (Desktop, Engine, Server) 9.3 Map Export Patch to support Adobe Acrobat 9 PDF"

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