ArcObjects Library Reference (Output)  

esriPDFExtensionErrorCodes Constants

PDF Extension errors.

Constant Value Description
E_PDFEXTENSIONERROR -2147220667 Internal error. Check description.
E_NEEDPASSWD -2147220666 This document requires authentication (e.g. a password).
E_INSUFFICIENTMEMORY -2147220665 Not enough memory to open the document.
E_TOOMANYPAGESFOROPEN -2147220664 This file cannot be opened because it contains too many pages.
E_OPNOTPERMITTED -2147220663 This operation is not permitted.
E_UNABLEOPENDOC -2147220662 Unable to open document.
E_UNABLEOPENDOCFORWRITING -2147220661 Unable to open file for writing.
E_UNABLEWRITINGDOC -2147220660 Unable to write file.
E_UNABLERENTEMPFILE -2147220659 Unable to rename temp file.
E_UNABLEREADILE -2147220658 Unable to read file.
E_UNKNOWNFILETYPE -2147220657 Not valid pdf document.
E_FILEALREADYOPEN -2147220656 File is already open.
E_NOSPACEFORTEMPFILE -2147220655 No space for temp file.
E_TOOMANYPAGESFORINSERT -2147220655 Inserting this file would result too many pages.
E_AFTERSAVE -2147220654 Documents saved successfully, error ocured after save.Close and reopen doc.
E_FILEERROR -2147220653 A File error has occured
E_DIRFULL -2147220652 Directory is full
E_DISKFULL -2147220651 Document or temp disk is full.
E_FILEIO -2147220650 A file I/O error has occured.
E_FILEREAD -2147220649 A file read error has occured.
E_FILEWRITE -2147220648 A file write error has occured.
E_FILELOCKED -2147220647 The file is locked
E_FILEEXISTS -2147220646 A file with same name already exists.
E_FILEINUSE -2147220645 The file is already open or in use.
E_FILEACCESSDENIED -2147220644 Do not have access to this file.
E_FILEACCESSNOWRITE -2147220643 Do not have write access to this file.
E_FILENOTFOUND -2147220642 The file cannot be found.
E_FILEOPENFAILED -2147220641 File open failed.
E_METADATABADXMP -2147220640 Meatadata was not in XAP format
E_METADATASYNTXERR -2147220639 Syntax error in metadata.
E_XAPCREATIONERR -2147220638 An internal representation of the XAP metadata could not be created
E_METADATAINTERNAL -2147220637 An internal error occurred while processing the XAP metadata
E_INTERROR -2147220636 An internal error occurred.
E_OUTMEMORY -2147220635 Out of memory
E_BADPARAMETER -2147220634 Bad parameter
E_USERCANCEL -2147220633 User canceled the operation

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.