ArcObjects Library Reference (Output)  

esriOutputErrorReturnCodes Constants

Output Error Return Codes.

Constant Value Description
E_INTERNALERROR -2147220686 An internal Error occur.
E_REQUESTEDFUNCTIONALITYDOESNOTSUPPORTED -2147220685 Requested functionality isn't supported.
E_MEMORYOUT -2147220684 Not enough memory to complete requested action.
E_MEMORYERROR -2147220683 A memory error occur while processing requested action.
E_INVALIDORCURRUPTFILE -2147220682 Invalid or corrupt file.
E_FILEREADINGERROR -2147220681 File reading error.
E_FILEWRITINGERROR -2147220680 File writing error.
E_FILEOPENINGERROR -2147220679 File opening error.
E_FILECREATIONERROR -2147220678 File creation error.
E_IMAGEDIRECTORYREADINGERROR -2147220677 Image directory reading error.
E_IMAGEDIRECTORYWRITINGERROR -2147220676 Image directory writing error.
E_CANNOTCOMPRESSORDECOMPRESS -2147220675 Image compressor error. Can't compress/decompress the image.
E_READORWRITEJPEGMARKER -2147220674 Error reading or writing the marker from/to JPEG file.
E_INCOMPATIBLEZLIB -2147220673 Incompatible ZLIB version detected. ZLIB is used to compress/decompress images.
E_INVALIDIMAGEPARAMETERS -2147220672 Invalid image parameter has been specified while reading/writing the image.
E_INVALIDPARAMETERS -2147220671 Invalid parameter for image library has been specified while reading/writing the image.
E_CLASSSETTEDUPINCORRECTLY -2147220670 Object set up incorrectly and can't perform the requested operation.
S_SAVEDPRINTERNOTFOUND 262979 Printer saved with document not found.
S_NOPRINTERSINSTALLED 262980 No printers are installed.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.