ArcObjects Library Reference (Output)  

esriExportErrorReturnCodes Constants

Output Error Return Codes.

Constant Value Description
E_CGMVERSION3NEEDED -2147220735 CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile) Version 3 needed.
E_LICENSENOTAVAILABLE -2147220734 License not available.
E_OBJECTSETUP -2147220733 Object was not set up correctly.
E_TEMPMETAFILE -2147220732 Cannot create temporary metafile.
E_MAPMETAFILE -2147220731 Cannot map metafile into memory. Not enough memory.
E_PAPERREFREQ -2147220730 Paper reference required.
E_DRIVERNOTMATCH -2147220729 Cannot find appropriate ArcPress driver for the selected printer.
E_PARAMETER -2147220728 Parameter is incorrect.
E_REGISTRYSETTINGS -2147220727 Cannot access registry settings.
E_FILECREATION -2147220726 Cannot create exported file. Either file is already open or not enough disk space.
E_METAFILEPARSING -2147220725 Cannot parse the metafile.
E_OPENPRINTER -2147220724 Cannot open printer.
E_BITMAPOUTOFMEMORY -2147220723 Not enough memory to create requested bitmap.
E_STARTPRINTING -2147220722 Cannot start printing. Error occurred while trying to access to printer device context and spooler.
E_WASNOTACTIVATED -2147220721 Extension wasn't activated.
E_OUTPUTFILENAME -2147220720 Output filename is invalid or not specified.
E_PIXELBOUNDS -2147220719 Invalid pixel bound value(s).

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.