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ArcGIS for Nonprofits maps and apps empower donors and nonprofits with GIS solutions to support their missions around the world.

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  • Scheduled Release Date:  April 11, 2018 Our upcoming release of Landsat Image Services includes some noteworthy updates… Improvements Revised scaling.  The Top of Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance values (which range from 0 – 1 by default) will now be scaled using a … Continue reading

  • Is your GIS living up to its potential? With today’s technology, your GIS can be so much more than a system of record. I know GIS is great at storing your authoritative data but it’s also good at sharing your … Continue reading

  • My human left the puzzle box out again! What a great place to have a nap. It looks like the box will fit about 50% of my data, which is the perfect size. My human knows how I love a … Continue reading

  • Thank you for your patience on Tuesday 3/20/18 as we worked through the ArcGIS Online disruptions in providing access to your services, maps and apps.  We understand the importance of continuing to provide a resilient, redundant and well architected system … Continue reading

  • By Clint Brown and Christian Harder. Spatial analysis is the process of geographically modeling a problem or issue, deriving results by computer processing, and then examining and interpreting those model results. The spatial model that you create is based on … Continue reading