Image service GetCacheControlInfo method

Gets the cache control information for the image service.

Return Value

A CacheControlInfo object. If the image service is not cached, all properties will be null.


The CacheControlInfo object has a ClientCacheAllowed property. For a client to be able to cache image tiles, caching must be enabled on the service and the client must be able to manage a local cache. To determine if a service is cachable, use the IsFixedScaleimage() method on the imageServer proxy.

The ability to manage a local cache is internal to many Esri desktop products designed to consume ArcGIS Server web services. Using a client cache will often enhance user interactivity with an ArcGIS Server image service. Image tiles that have already been accessed can be stored and retrieved locally, which is generally faster than generating a web request to retrieve a image image tile from a remote server. Leveraging this capability in a custom client application will require custom implementation—the SOAP API does not manage this for you.