Image service IdentifyAll method

Returns the identified results for a geometry collection, a mosaic rule, rendering rule, and pixel size.

Identify(Geometry Locations, MosaicRule MosaicRule, Point Pixelsize, RenderingRule RenderingRule, string Options)




A geometry that defines the locations to be identified. The locations can be points or polygons.


A mosaic rule defining the image sorting order.


A point that defines pixel size level being identified.


A rule defining additional rendering processing (e.g. slope).


Specifies whether to return items or footprint geometry.

Return Value

The ImageServerIdentifyResult object.


Each element in the returned ImageServerIdentifyResult array corresponds to the identify result of a location in the given locations.

The ImageServerIdentifyResult contains a single pixel value of the current visible raster at the centroid of the specified location after applying the mosaic and rendering rule. If there are multiple rasters overlapping the location, the visibility of a raster is determined by the order of the rasters defined in the mosaic rule. It also contains a set of catalog items in a RecordSet that overlap the given geometry and pixel values of each catalog item at current identified location. The catalog items are ordered based in the mosaic rule. A list of catalog item visibilities give the percentage contribution of the item to overall mosaic. The catalog item visibilities and pixel values of each catalog item are in the same order as catalog items, and are all ordered according to the mosaic rule.

Footprint geometry and catalog items may be skipped to speed up the operation by specifying options: