Base Type: RasterFunction

A class for a raster statistic function.


The statistics method can be used to calculate focal-statistics for each pixel of an image based on a defined focal neighborhood. The operation used to calculate the output value of the pixel can be specified using the Type property of the arguments object.



RenderingRule renderRule = new RenderingRule();

StatisticsFunction function = new StatisticsFunction();

StatisticsFunctionArguments argument = new StatisticsFunctionArguments();

argument.Names = new string[] { "Columns", "Rows", "Type" };

//col and row are int and focalstatstype is 1,2,3, or 4: one of the four possible esriFocalStatisticType

argument.Values = new object[] { col, row, focalstatstype };

renderRule.Arguments = argument;

renderRule.Function = function;

renderRule.VariableName = "Raster";

geoImgDesc.RenderingRule = renderRule;