A class that contains information about a relate (one-to-many, many-to-many) established between a feature layer and a related data table.






Unique name of the relationship.



A related row of data. The row contains the primary display field, a property set containing field names and values, and additional relationships.


A layer in a map service can be related to a table or layer. The Name property refers to the name of relationship set in the source map or a geodatabase. For example, a relationship may be named "Is owned by". If a relate is established with another layer, Name will be appended with the related layer name. For example if Layer A is related to Layer B, Name will be appended with ":Layer B"; so the complete name would be "Is owned by: Layer B". If a related is established with a table, Name does not contain the table name. Building on the previous example, Name would be "Is owned by".

The RelatedRows property on a MapServerIdentifyResult object returns a collection of these objects.

This object contains the name of the relate and the property Rows. This property returns a collection of MapServerRow objects which honor all field aliases, field visibility and field formatting set in the source map.

Using Rows you can access properties (Name, PropertySet) of the row of a related table.