Base Type: NAServerLocations

A class that contains an array of PropertySet objects where each property set describes a feature to load as a network location into an input network analysis class.






The array of PropertySets to load as network locations.


This object can be passed to any of the properties of an NAServerSolverParams objects that expects an NAServerLocations object. For example, Stops, Barriers, Facilities, or Incidents.

The array of property sets will internally be converted into a RecordSet and used to load as network locations in the specified input analysis class. The fields on the RecordSet will be determined based on the property names/types contained within the first PropertySet of the array.

At a minimum, each PropertySet should include a shape representing the location of the network location to use for locating. This shape can either be specified by the property "Shape" with a value of a Point geometry object or it can be specified by the properties "X" and "Y" with a value of type double and optionally a property "SpatialReference" with a value of a spatial reference object. If the spatial reference is not specified, the X and Y are assumed to be in the same spatial reference as the underlying network dataset.

You can also add additional properties that you wish to be used when loading the network locations. For example, if you specify the network location fields "SourceID" (int), "SourceOID" (int), "PosAlong" (double), and "SideOfEdge" (int) the values in these properties will specify the position on the network rather than performing a spatial search to determine the network location.

Any other properties can be added to the PropertySet and may be used when loading network locations. What input properties link to fields on the network analysis class is a function of the NAClassCandidateFieldMaps property on the NAServerSolverParams object.