Base Type: Patch

A class that defines the shape of a line in a legend patch.


Use LinePatch in conjunction with MapServerLegendPatch which contains settings about a legend patch. This includes the patch width in points (Width), the patch height in points (Height), the patch resolution in dots per inch (ImageDPI), along with the line patch (LinePatch).

A legend patch is a rectangular image with an individual polygon, line or point symbol associated with a particular legend class. Use the LegendClassFormat object's PatchHeight and PatchWidth to change the size of the legend patch. Use this object's geometry property to to change the shape of the symbol. You can define a custom line shape to the symbol such as a zigzag line.

If the goal is only to change the size of the patch and to retain the default shape, this does not have to be set. Changing the size of the legend patch will not change the size of the symbol, it only changes the size of the patch surrounding the symbol. The size of the symbol is determined by the properties of the symbol itself.

All properties are inherited from Patch.