Image service GetCatalogItems method

Gets a set of catalog items that meet the specified query filter.

GetCatalogItems(QueryFilter QueryFilter)




A query filter that is used to define an attribute query, spatial query, time query, or an image query through ImageQueryFilter that allows querying based on cell size.

Return Value

A RecordSet object.


If an ImageQueryFilter with a pixel size is specified, the query will include the selection based on the image service level of details. An image service uses a minimum and maximum pixel size range to define when an individual image will be selected as a part of a mosaic. If a pixel size is given, only these images whose pixel size range contains the given pixel size are selected.



//define image server

string url_DEMService = "http://ais3/arcgis/services/testDEM/ImageServer";

testDTED_ImageServer imageSrv = new testDTED_ImageServer();

imageSrv.Url = url_DEMService;


//define an image query filter

ImageQueryFilter imageQueryFilter = new ImageQueryFilter();

PointN pixelSize = new PointN();

pixelSize.X = 0.2;

pixelSize.Y = 0.2;

imageQueryFilter.PixelSize = (Point)pixelSize;


//query image service

RecordSet recordSet = imageSrv.GetCatalogItems(imageQueryFilter);