GeoData service CompareReplicaSchema method

Compares the schema of a replica with that of its relative and returns a schema changes XML document.

CompareReplicaSchema(GDSData RelativeReplicaSchemaDoc, esriGDSTransportType TransportType)




A GDSData object that represents the replica schema file of the relative replica.


Defines how the client will be able to retrieve the results. See esriGDSTransportType for more information.

Return Value

A GDSData object containing the schema changes in an XML document.


This method is used to compare a replicas schema to its relative replicas schema and returns a schema changes XML document. This method should be used in conjunction with the ImportReplicaSchemaChanges method to apply the schema changes. The GDSData file must first be created for the relative replica before executing this method. See the ExportReplicaSchema method for information on how to generate this file.

The TransportType indicates the desired transport type. Use "esriGDSTransportTypeURL" to place the output in a file in the virtual output directory. Use "esriGDSTransportTypeEmbedded" to have the results embedded in the output GDSData object. If no virtual output directory exists, the results will be embedded regardless of the value set for this parameter.