GeoData service GetDataElements method

Gets and returns all the data elements in the workspace.

GetDataElements(DEBrowseOptions BrowseOptions)




A DEBrowseOptions object that defines the depth and description of content returned for data elements in the service.

Return Value

An array of DataElement objects.


The list returned includes feature classes, tables, relationship classes or other data elements in the geodatabase.

The data elements describe the schema of the geodatabase (for example, a DEFeatureDataset's children will contain the DEFeatureClasses for the feature classes under it). Applications can use the DEBrowseOptions (optional) to request full or partial information (name and type only), or to control the depth of the data element graph returned (for example, return data elements only for workspace-level datasets &endash in which case the DEFeatureDataset's children array will be empty).

The CatalogPath for a data element is a geodatabase catalog path (e.g. FD=Landbase/FC=Parcels).