GeoData service ExportReplicaDataChanges method

Exports data changes for a replica.

ExportReplicaDataChanges(string ReplicaName, GDSExportOptions ExportOptions, esriGDSTransportType TransportType, esriExportGenerationsOption GenerationsToExport, bool SwitchRole)




The ReplicaName is the name of the replica from which to export changes.


The ExportOptions parameter defines the output of the method. This includes the output format and whether or not the output will be compressed. See GDSExportOptions for more information.


The TransportType indicates the desired transport type. Use esriGDSTransportTypeURL to place the output in a file in the virtual output directory. Use "esriGDSTransportTypeEmbedded" to have the results embedded in the output GDSData object. If no virtual output directory exists, the results will be embedded regardless of the value set for this parameter.


The generationsToExport parameter uses the "esriExportGenerationsOption" enumeration to specify what data changes to export. You may choose to export only unacknowledged data change, only new data changes, all data changes, or no data changes. You would export no data changes if you were interested in switching roles (see below). See the esriExportGenerationsOption enumeration for more information.


Set the switchRole parameter to true if after exporting the data changes, you want to start receiving changes from the relative replica. When set to true, the source replica transitions from a data sender to a data receiver upon export. When the relative replica successfully imports this delta file, it transitions from a data receiver to a data sender. See the ImportReplicaDataChanges method for more information.

Return Value

A GDSData object.