Map service GetCacheControlInfo method

Gets the cache control information for a given map. Primarily used to determine if client caching is allowed.

GetCacheControlInfo(string MapName)




The map name (data frame) on which to return cache control information.

Return Value

A CacheControlInfo object. If the map service is not cached, all properties will be null.


For a client to be able to cache map tiles, caching must be enabled on the service the client must be able to manage a local cache. To determine if a service is cachable, use the IsFixedScaleMap method on the MapServer proxy. The ability to manage a local cache is internal to many Esri desktop products designed to consume ArcGIS Server web services, such as ArcMap and ArcGIS Explorer Desktop. Using a client cache will often enhance user interaction with a map service. Map image tiles that have already been accessed can be stored and retrieved locally, which is generally faster than generating a web request to retrieve a map image tile from a remote server. Leveraging this capability in a custom client application will require custom implementation - the SOAP API does not manage this for you.



MapService_MapServer mapservice = new MapService_MapServer();

mapservice.Url = "http://localhost:6080/arcgis/services/MapFusedCache/MapServer";


string mapname = mapservice.GetDefaultMapName();

CacheControlInfo cachecontrlinfo = mapservice.GetCacheControlInfo(mapname);


Dim mapservice As MapService_MapServer = New MapService_MapServer()

mapservice.Url = "http://localhost:6080/arcgis/services/MapFusedCache/MapServer"


Dim mapname As String = mapservice.GetDefaultMapName()

Dim cachecontrolinfo As CacheControlInfo = mapservice.GetCacheControlInfo(mapname)