Map service GetDefaultLayerDrawingDescriptions method

Queries and returns LayerDrawingDescription objects for a map's feature layers based on the input layer IDs.

QueryDefaultLayerDrawingDescriptions(string MapName, int[ ] LayerIDs)




The name of the map (data frame) that contains the layer associated with the LayerIDs parameter.


An array of Layer IDs for which the return objects will be returned.

Return Value

Array of LayerDrawingDescription objects (LayerDrawingDescription[ ]) for layers whose IDs were passed in. The result contains drawing descriptions only for feature layers. Therefore the count of input LayerIDs may not match with the count of the returned array. If any ID is passed in that is neither of a feature layer nor of an existing layer, no LayerDrawingDescription will be returned for that ID.


You may want to use MapLayerInfo.HasLayerDrawingDescription to check whether the map service will return a LayerDrawingDescription for a layer.

A LayerDrawingDescription object contains information on the symbology and label specified by the author. FeatureRenderer describes how the layer is symbolized while LabelingDescription contains all label classes defined in the source map by the author.

Please note that ArcGIS Server only returns the following:

Types of renderers


Data exclusion from renderer is not supported

Types of symbols

Point Feature:

Line Features:

Polygon Features:

If a layer's renderer is not supported, nothing will be returned. Symbols that are not supported get downgraded to one of supported symbols. Please see following rules for details:

Symbol and Label Degradation

Point symbols:

  • Simple marker symbols are returned as is.

    Simple marker symbols

  • Any other types such as picture marker symbol, character marker symbol, multi layer symbol, and so on, are returned as picture marker symbols with a URI pointing to an image file.

Line Symbols:

  • Simple line symbols are returned as is without any degradation. The following symbols are supported:

    Simple line symbols

  • All other symbols, such as cartographic line symbol, marker line symbol, multilayer line symbol, and so on, are returned as a simple solid line symbol. In case of a multi-layer symbol, a simple line symbol with the properties from the first symbol's layer of layer's geometry type is returned.

Polygon Symbols:

  • Simple fill symbols are always returned as solid fills. Other types of simple fill symbols such as crossed, horizontal etc. are returned as solid fill symbol type. The outline symbol may be downgraded following above mentioned rules.

  • A picture fill symbol is returned as picture fill symbol with a URI pointing to an image file. The server applies transparent, background and foreground colors, if any specified, to the output image.

  • All other fill symbols including multi-layer symbols are returned as simple fill symbols with the properties from the first symbol's layer of layer's geometry type is returned.


LabelingDescription contains LabelClassDescription objects for those label classes that are checked to be used for labeling in the source layer. Advanced label expression (e.g. VBScript or Jscript code) is not returned.

The SimpleTextSymbol's background color property is ignored by the server. In case of highway shield, only the properties of text placed inside the shield will be returned and shield (background of the text symbol) itself will be ignored.

Shield text symbol


Point label's position could be one of 8 positions around a point. When a weight is set for each position in ArcMap, ArcGIS Server returns the position with value 1. For example, when the label position is set to "Prefer Top Right, all allowed", the server will return "esriServerPointLabelPlacementAboveRight".

Point label position


Polygon labels are always converted to horizontal label.