Image service Download method

For a given set of catalog item IDs, this method returns a list of downloadable files of the original rasters.

Download(FIDSet FIDSet, Geometry Geometry, string Format)




A list of catalog item IDs to download.


The geometry used to clip the raw image.


Format of downloadable rasters ("BIL", "BIP", "BSQ", "BMP", "ENVI", "JP2", JPG", "GIF", "Imagine Image", "PNG", "TIFF").

Return Value

An ImageServerDownloadResult object.


ImageServerDownloadResults contains multiple ImageServerDownloadResult objects, and each one of them contain a downloadable file and its size in bytes.

The number of items that can be downloaded is defined in the image service configuration. One item might be corresponding to multiple files. For example a raster of a pan-sharpened image service consists of a single band raster dataset and a multiple band raster dataset, where each dataset might consist of multiple files such as an image file, a world file, and a pyramid file. The returned downloadable files can be URLs (e.g. http:// or ftp://) that are directly downloadable from a remote server. They can also be files that are known only to the image service. In this case, GetFile() should be used to prepare the file for download and get a public URL.

If the source raster is Esri GRID or in a geodatabase, it will be converted to TIFF.

Format conversion is always required when clipping rasters. If the source raster is completely contained by the clip extent, there is no clip happening and source raster formats will be used for download. If a raster cannot be clipped (converted) into a given format, because of mismatch in pixel type, number of bands etc, the raster will be clipped to TIFF. The user can also force format conversion by appending ":Conversion" to the format string (for example: "JP2:Conversion".)

If a catalog item is image service or map service type, it cannot be downloaded.