GeoData service TableSearch method

Returns the records satisfying the specified query.

TableSearch(string VersionName, string TableName, QueryFilter QueryFilter, ResultPortionInfo QueryRange)




If the geodatabase referenced by the GeoDataServer is an ArcSDE geodatabase, then you can set the versionName parameter to the version on which to execute the query. If no versionName is provided, the version that the GeoDataServer is currently referencing is used. For non-ArcSDE geodatabases, the versionName is ignored.


The TableName is the name of the table to query.


The QueryFilter defines the query to execute on the table. See QueryFilter for more information.


The queryRange defines how to return the results. See IResultPortionInfo for more information.

Return Value

A GDSQueryResultPortion object.


Applications can use this method to query tables and feature classes. Both attribute and spatial queries can be performed. The results of a query are returned in user-specified chunks. Applications can control the size of the chunk. The results for each chunk are returned in a record set containing chunk size records. An initial call to this method will return the first chunk and assign a query id to the query. To get the remaining chunks a client has to call GetNextResultPortion passing the id of the query and the records to be returned in this chunk. If the records returned are less than those requested, then the last chunk is being returned. Only datasets that are accessible by the database user associated with the geodata service can be queried.