Feature service QueryAttachmentInfos method

Queries and returns an array of objects containing AttachmentIDs and the properties of the attachments.

AttachementDataArray QueryAttacmentInfos(int LayerOrTableID, int[] IDsOfObjectstoQuery, string VersionName)




The unique identifier of a layer or table.


An array of ObjectIDs to query.


Geodatabase version to query. This parameter applies only to feature services that expose geodatabases. If not specified, queries are made against the published map's version.

Return Value

The QueryAttachmentInfos method takes a list of ObjectIDs from the source layer and returns an array of attachment information objects (AttachmentInfo[]) as well as the properties of the attachment.


This method returns an array of AttachmentInfo objects, each containing an AttachmentID for all of the related attachments as well as the properties of each attachment. Once you have the AttachmentIDs you can use the QueryAttachmentData to access the attachments.