Network Analysis service GetNetworkDescription method

Gets a description of a network dataset that the specified network analysis layer is referencing.

GetNetworkDescription(string NALayerName)




A string representing the layer name on which to return a network description.

Return Value

A NAServerNetworkDescription object that contains properties of the network dataset associated with the input network analysis layer.


This method is used to retrieve the network dataset name, sources, attributes, current state, build time, as well as the styles and languages supported by the directions engine. This information can be used for things like presenting users with a list of restriction attributes that can then be set on NAServerSolverParams.RestrictionAttributeNames to apply specific restriction attributes during network analysis.



// Connect to server

NAService_NAServer naService = new NAService_NAServer();

naService.Url = "http://localhost:6080/ArcGIS/services/NetworkAnalysisService/MapServer/NAServer"); 

// Get Route layers

string[] routeLayers = naService.GetNALayerNames(esriNAServerLayerType.esriNAServerRouteLayer);

// Get the network settings for the first route layer, iterate through the attribute names and usage types

NAServerNetworkDescription naServerNetworkDescription = naService.GetNetworkDescription(routeLayers[0]);

foreach (NAServerNetworkAttribute naServerNetworkAttribute in naServerNetworkDescription.NetworkAttributes)


      string name = naServerNetworkAttribute.Name;

      esriNetworkAttributeUsageType usageType = naServerNetworkAttribute.UsageType;