Network Analysis service GetSolverParameters2 method

Gets the default solver parameters for the specified network analysis layer and can return parameters and content of NAClasses of the specified layer stored on server.

GetSolverParameters2(string NALayerName, string LayerToken, bool PopulateNAClasses)




The layer name on which to return a network solver parameters.


The unique token associated with analysis layer stored on server.


When True, returned instance of NAServerSolverParams will contain correspondent recordsets populated with NAClasses content present by default or loaded from a stored analysis layer.

Return Value

A NAServerSolverParams object containing the default solver parameters for the network layer defined. This is an abstract class.

Unlike GetSolverParameters, the NAServerSolverParams instance returned by this method does not contain MapDescription and ImageDescription populated, which significantly reduces response size.

The concrete objects include: NAServerClosestFacilityParams, NAServerLocationAllocationParams, NAServerODCostMatrixParams, NAServerRouteParams, NAServerServiceAreaParams, and NAServerVRPParams.