Map service QueryFeatureIDs2 method

Queries and returns the IDs of the features that meet the query filter selection criteria for the specified layer description.

QueryFeatureIDs2(string MapName, LayerDescription LayerDescription, QueryFilter)




The name of the map (data frame) that contains the layer associated with the LayerDescription parameter.


The description of the layer to query.


An attribute or spatial query that defines the selection criteria for the layer associated with the LayerDescription parameter.

Return Value

An FIDSet that contains an array of integers. Each integer represents a unique identifier for each feature (FID) in the layer queried. The map service assigns FIDs to each feature in every feature layer it contains. A SOAP exception will be thrown if the SQL expression in the query filter is invalid.


Definitions applied to the LayerDescription input parameter using its DefinitionExpression property will filter the returned feature count.



MapService_MapServer mapservice = new MapService_MapServer();

mapservice.Url = "http://localhost:6080/arcgis/services/MapService/MapServer";


string mapname = mapservice.GetDefaultMapName();

MapServerInfo mapinfo = mapservice.GetServerInfo(mapname);


MapDescription mapdesc = mapinfo.DefaultMapDescription;

MapLayerInfo[] maplayerinfos = mapinfo.MapLayerInfos;


string geometryfieldname = string.Empty;


foreach (MapLayerInfo layerinfo in maplayerinfos)


      if (layerinfo.Name == "countries")


            layerid = layerinfo.LayerID;

            Field[] fields = layerinfo.Fields.FieldArray;

            foreach (Field field in fields)


                  if (field.Type == esriFieldType.esriFieldTypeGeometry)


                        geometryfieldname = field.Name;







LayerDescription[] layerdescriptions = mapdesc.LayerDescriptions;

LayerDescription activelayerdesc = null;


foreach (LayerDescription layerdesc in layerdescriptions)


      if (layerdesc.LayerID == layerid)


      activelayerdesc = layerdesc;





activelayerdesc.DefinitionExpression = "POP_CNTRY > 50000000";


PointN pnt1 = new PointN();

pnt1.X = -120;

pnt1.Y = 35;

PointN pnt2 = new PointN();

pnt2.X = -60;

pnt2.Y = 20;

PointN pnt3 = new PointN();

pnt3.X = 80;

pnt3.Y = 35;

PointN[] pnts = new PointN[3];

pnts[0] = pnt1;

pnts[1] = pnt2;

pnts[2] = pnt3;


Ring[] rings = new Ring[1];

Ring ring = new Ring();

ring.PointArray = pnts;

rings[0] = ring;


PolygonN polygon = new PolygonN();

polygon.RingArray = rings;


SpatialFilter spatialfilter = new SpatialFilter();

spatialfilter.FilterGeometry = polygon;

spatialfilter.GeometryFieldName = geometryfieldname;

spatialfilter.SpatialRel = esriSpatialRelEnum.esriSpatialRelContains;


FIDSet fidset = null;



      fidset = mapservice.QueryFeatureIDs2(mapname, activelayerdesc, spatialfilter);


catch (Exception ex)


      // Improper format of where clause will cause exception



activelayerdesc.SelectionFeatures = fidset.FIDArray;


Dim mapservice As MapService_MapServer = New MapService_MapServer()

mapservice.Url = "http://localhost:6080/arcgis/services/MapService/MapServer"


Dim mapname As String = mapservice.GetDefaultMapName()

Dim mapinfo As MapServerInfo = mapservice.GetServerInfo(mapname)

Dim mapdesc As MapDescription = mapinfo.DefaultMapDescription

Dim maplayerinfos() As MapLayerInfo = mapinfo.MapLayerInfos


Dim layerid As Integer = 0

Dim geomeTryfieldname As String = String.Empty

Dim layerinfo As MapLayerInfo


For Each layerinfo In maplayerinfos

      If layerinfo.Name = "countries" Then

            layerid = layerinfo.LayerID

            Dim fields() As Field = layerinfo.Fields.FieldArray

            Dim field As Field

            For Each field In fields

                  If field.Type = esriFieldType.esriFieldTypeGeometry Then

                        geomeTryfieldname = field.Name

                        Exit For

                  End If


      End If



Dim layerdescriptions() As LayerDescription = mapdesc.LayerDescriptions

Dim activelayerdesc As LayerDescription = Nothing

Dim layerdesc As LayerDescription


For Each layerdesc In layerdescriptions

      If layerdesc.LayerID = layerid Then

            activelayerdesc = layerdesc

            Exit For

      End If



activelayerdesc.DefinitionExpression = "POP_CNTRY > 50000000"


Dim pnt1 As PointN = New PointN()

pnt1.X = -120

pnt1.Y = 35


Dim pnt2 As PointN = New PointN()

pnt2.X = -60

pnt2.Y = 20


Dim pnt3 As PointN = New PointN()

pnt3.X = 80

pnt3.Y = 35


Dim pnts(2) As PointN

pnts(0) = pnt1

pnts(1) = pnt2

pnts(2) = pnt3


Dim rings(0) As Ring

Dim ring As Ring = New Ring()

ring.PointArray = pnts

rings(0) = ring


Dim polygon As PolygonN = New PolygonN()

polygon.RingArray = rings


Dim spatialfilter As SpatialFilter = New SpatialFilter()

spatialfilter.FilterGeometry = polygon

spatialfilter.GeometryFieldName = geomeTryfieldname

spatialfilter.SpatialRel = esriSpatialRelEnum.esriSpatialRelContains


Dim fidset As FIDSet = Nothing



      fidset = mapservice.QueryFeatureIDs2(mapname, activelayerdesc, spatialfilter)

Catch ex As Exception

' Improper format of where clause will cause exception

End Try


activelayerdesc.SelectionFeatures = fidset.FIDArray