Feature service ApplyEdits method

Performs adds, deletes and updates and returns the results.

TableEditResult[] ApplyEdits(TableEdit[ ] TableEdits, string VersionName, boolean RollbackOnFailure, boolean RollbackOnFailureSpecified)




Array of TableEdit objects. Each of these objects references a layer or table and includes the adds, updates and deletes to apply to the layer or table.


The geodatabase version to apply the edits. This parameter only applies to FeatureServices that expose geodatabases. If not specified, edits are applied to the published map's version.


RollbackOnFailure determines whether edits will be applied in a transactional manner. If set to true, and any of the edits fail, the entire edit operation will fail. If set to false, if some portion of the edits fail, they will not be applied. However, the edit operation will succeed and all others edits will be applied.

Not all data supports setting this parameter. Query the SupportsRollbackonFailureParameter property of the DataObjectTable to determine whether or not a layer supports setting this parameter. If SupportsRollbackonFailureParameter = false for a layer, then when editing this layer, RollbackOnFailure will always be true, regardless of how the parameter is set. However, if SupportsRollbackonFailureParameter = true, this means the RollbackOnFailure parameter can be set to true or false on edit operations.


Indicates if RollbackOnFailure is specified.

Return Value

This method returns an array of TableEditResult objects. The order of the these objects is consistent with the order of the TableEdit objects in the input parameter, TableEdits.


This method allows you to apply adds, deletes, and updates to many layers and tables at once.