Map service QueryHTMLPopups method

Queries and returns a layer or table for the HTML formatted attributes of a feature.

QueryHTMLPopups(string MapName, int SourceTableID, int[ ] SourceOIDs)




The name of the map (data frame) that contains the layer associated with the SourceTableID parameter.


The layer or standalone table id of the source layer or table.


An array of integers that contains the unique identifiers for feature or row (ObjectID) in the source layer or table to be queried.

Return Value

An array of string values (string[ ]). Each string represents the rich HTML formatted attributes of a feature.


ID property of MapLayerInfo or StandaloneTableInfo is used as SourceTableID.

The HTML content in the results are returned in the same order the OIDs are passed in. If you want to query features based on location and get results back as rich HTML, you may use the Identify method with the IdentifyOption parameter as "esriIdentifyVisibleWithHTMLPopup" or "esriIdentifyTopOneWithHTMLPopup".

This function does not allow a client to format the attribute, instead it returns HTML content the way an author formatted the result in the source map.