Downloadable templates

When working in Visual Studio, you can use a template as a starting point for your development. The ArcGIS API for Silverlight includes templates that can be downloaded from the Template Gallery in the ArcGIS API for Silverlight website, then customized to work as the application you are building requires.


An alternative solution to using templates to create the basis of your application is to use the ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight. The ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight is a great way to quickly create rich web mapping applications using a fully interactive configuration experience. With the ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight product, you can set up and modify an application's basemap, operational layers, tools, colors, title, logo, layout, links, and more without writing any code or editing any configuration files. The Viewer is fully extensible, so designers and developers can implement new tools and create new layouts and easily integrate them into the Viewer.

Each template includes a Visual Studio solution, with a Silverlight application and web project. The Template Gallery allows you to explore, view, and download templates. The templates can be downloaded through the Template Gallery or by using the following links:

Take the following steps to use an available ArcGIS API for Silverlight template:

  1. Download the template using one of the following options:

    Download the template through the Template Gallery

    Browse to the Template Gallery. Flip through the available templates, or use the scroll bar at the bottom of the gallery to view available templates. When the template you are interested in is displayed in the center of the gallery, click the Download button to download the zip file containing the template. You can view an example application created using the template by clicking the View button.

    Download the template using the links included in this topic

    Click a link in the list above to download the zip file containing the desired template.

  2. Browse to the location where you downloaded the template zip file, and unzip the file.

    The zip file will contain a Visual Studio solution file, with a Silverlight application and web project.

    If you downloaded the Minimal application template, the zip file will contain the file Minimal.sln, along with Minimal and Web folders.

  3. Open the solution in either Visual Studio or Expression Blend.

    See System requirements for Visual Studio and Expression Blend editions and tooling required to use these templates.

  4. If necessary, repair the references to the ArcGIS API for Silverlight assemblies.

    The ArcGIS API for Silverlight assemblies are available for download on the ArcGIS Resource Center.

  5. Clean the solution and rebuild it.
  6. Run the application.

    You will see an application similar to the example application available for that template in the Template Gallery.

  7. Customize as desired.