Configuring Bing Maps

ArcGIS for SharePoint supports access to the Bing Maps Road, Aerial, and Hybrid maps if you have a Bing Maps Key. Access to the Bing services platform requires explicit registration with Microsoft. Once you have obtained a Bing Maps Key, add it to the BingKey.xml configuration file in the ArcGIS Mapping Configuration Files document library. The Bing Maps Key allows the Road, Aerial, and Hybrid maps to display in the Basemap gallery drop-down menu. You can then add any of these maps to the Map Web Part as a basemap.

Complete the following steps to edit the BingKey.xml file:

  1. Click the Site Actions drop-down menu and click View All Site Content.
  2. Under the Document Libraries heading, click the ArcGIS Mapping Configuration Files link.
    Document Libraries file listing
    The document library opens and displays the available configuration files as shown in the following screen shot:
    ArcGIS Mapping Configuration Files
  3. Check the check box next to the BingKey item.
  4. Click the Documents tab on the ribbon and click Edit Document (check out the document if necessary).
  5. Click OK if the Open Document warning is displayed. The BingKey.xml file opens in your default XML editor.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <ConfigurationStore xmlns="">  
  6. Add the Bing Maps key to the BingMapsAppID tag and save the file. Check the file back in to the ArcGIS Mapping Configuration Files library.