Adding secured services

You can add secured map services to ArcGIS for SharePoint via a proxy URL. Web requests are redirected through the proxy, which is responsible for authenticating with the service endpoint. Once you have configured your proxy pages as shown in the Configuring a proxy topic, you can access secured services.

Complete the following steps to add a secured map service to the application:

  1. With the Map Web Part in Edit Mode, click the Browse button to display the Browse panel.
  2. On the Browse panel, click the Access secured services icon. The check box to Add Secured Services and the Configure Proxy link appear. See the following screen shot:
    Access secured services
  3. Click the Configure Proxy link, and in the Configure Secured Services dialog box that appears, enter the URL to the desired proxy page and click OK. The proxy entered will be shared by all layers in the application that use a secured service. See the following screen shot:
    Configure Proxy Url
  4. In the Browse panel, check the Add Secured Services check box. All of the layers you add will now use the defined proxy.
  5. To change the proxy, use the Configure Proxy link in the Browse panel.


  • Secured basemaps and geoprocessing services are not supported.
  • Add a layer using secured service only if it requires it. Currently, if Add secured services is checked, all layers are added with ProxyUrl.