Renaming a layer

Layers that you add to the map can be renamed using the Map Contents panel. When you first add a layer, the layer name is determined by the layer data source. When you change the layer name in the Map Contents panel, only the display name of the layer is changed; the name in the underlying data is not affected.

You cannot remove or change the position of the basemap. It can, however, be renamed.

To rename a layer, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Map Contents panel. For instructions, see The Map Contents Panel.
  2. Select the layer to be renamed:
    Select layer
  3. Click the Rename button on the Layer tab of the Map Web Part ribbon:
    Rename button

    The layer name text becomes editable.

  4. Type the new layer name and press Enter or click outside the text area to change the layer name:
    Edit layer name