Adding tools

Any command that has been added to the ArcGIS Mapping Extensions document library is available for you to add to your map. Commands are surfaced in the Map Web Part as tools on the ribbon. Do the following steps to add the command as a tool to use on your map.

For more information about creating custom tools, see Writing commands.

  1. Begin by editing the web part.
    Edit Web Part option
  2. Click the Add Tool button in the Manage group on the Application tab on the web part's ribbon.
    Add Tool button in the Manage group
  3. The Add Tool dialog box appears. Select your command from the Tool drop-down list, type a label, ToolTip, and select an icon if needed, then click OK.
    Add Tool dialog box
  4. At the bottom of the properties pane to the right of the web part, click the OK button to save the web part. When the page reloads, you will notice that a button for the command has been added to the ribbon in the specified tab and group.
    ArcGIS Map Web Part properties pane