Selecting features

The ArcGIS Map Web Part allows you to select features from ArcGIS Server layers, Spatial Data Service layers, geoRSS layers, graphics layers, and SharePoint list layers. See Layer types for more information.

Once you have selected specific features on the layer, you can perform tasks on the selected features such as zooming to them, exporting their attributes, or performing a Find Nearby analysis.


Individual features can only be selected from layers within an ArcGIS Server map service, not the entire map service itself.

Selecting features interactively

To select features interactively, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Map Contents panel. For instructions, see The Map Contents Panel.
  2. Select the layer with the features you want. The Select tool works with the currently selected layer in the Map Contents panel:
    Selected layer

    The Selection group of the Layer tab of the Map Web Part ribbon has all the buttons pertaining to feature selection:

    Layer Selection menu

  3. Select features in one of the following ways:
    • Click the feature on the map:

      1. Click the Select button on the ribbon.
      2. Click the feature on the map to select it:
        Selected feature on map

    • Click the feature in the Attribute Table:

      1. Locate the feature in the Attribute Table.
      2. Click the row to select it:
        Selected feature in table

To select multiple features in a layer, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting. This can be done when selecting on the map and when selecting in the attribute table.

Selecting all features

Select all features in the selected layer by clicking the Select All button:

Select all features

Clearing selected features

Clear the layer's selected features by clicking the Clear button:

Clear selected features

Zooming to selected features

Features that have been selected using the Attribute Table may be out of view. Use the Zoom To Selection button to zoom to the selected features:

Zoom To selected features