Browsing SharePoint sites

SharePoint lists are tables of data made available through a SharePoint site. Similar to data tables in a standard relational database, SharePoint lists display as views, which are filtered subsets of the source data. The ArcGIS Map Web Part can display SharePoint lists stored within any site in any SharePoint farm. A SharePoint farm can consist of one or more SharePoint servers that host one or more web applications, each of which can contain one or more site collections. Each site collection contains one or more sites, which is where lists are stored.

Availability of lists in the Map Web Part

The ArcGIS Map Web Part only makes a SharePoint list available for adding to a map if the list has been spatially enabled. A list of addresses can be spatially enabled by using the ArcGIS Geocoding Workflow, and a list of coordinates can be spatially enabled by adding an ArcGIS Location Field to the list.

Adding lists to the map

You can add lists to the map using the Browse panel by doing the following steps.

  1. Open the Browse panel by clicking the Add Content button on the Application tab and clicking Browse from the menu that appears.
    Browse button
  2. Click the Browse drop-down arrow to choose a data source. You may notice that the current SharePoint site is included as a data source by default.
    Browse drop-down list
    After selecting a site, the spatially enabled lists contained within that site show on the Browse panel.
    Browse menu SharePoint lists
    While SharePoint lists represent a dataset within SharePoint, SharePoint users always interact with lists through views. In the Map Web Part, this means that lists cannot be added directly. Rather, list views are what you actually add to the map. On the Browse panel, you can see the available views for a list by expanding the list's node.
    Expanded view of lists
    In the preceding screen shot, the Crime Data list contains three views—All Items, Felonies, and Misdemeanors.
  3. To add a view to the map, select the view, then click Add Selected Layer.
    Select list view items to add to the map

Getting lists from other SharePoint sites

With the Map Web Part, you are not limited to displaying lists that exist within the current site. Rather, you can easily add lists from any site within any SharePoint farm, provided that you have permission to access them. To do this, type the uniform resource locator (URL) of the site containing the list in the Browse drop-down menu, click the magnifying glass icon, then add the list from the results that appear in the panel.

The site's contents only display in the Browse panel if the site contains at least one spatially enabled list. If it does not, a message displays indicating that this is the case.