The Setup.exe program included with ArcGIS for SharePoint allows you to easily modify which sites and web applications contain ArcGIS for SharePoint functionality. To modify your installation, complete the following steps:

  1. Double-click the Setup.exe file to open it.

    The installer performs a series of checks to see whether ArcGIS for SharePoint has been installed and to ensure that the installer can perform its functions. If a check fails, the installer provides information about the failure.

  2. Once the checks have completed successfully, click Next.
  3. Select the Modify option and click Next.
    Modify or Remove dialog box
  4. Choose the web applications or site collections on which to enable or disable ArcGIS for SharePoint. In the Web Applications/Site Collections tree, each top-level node represents a SharePoint web application, while each child node represents a site collection. In the following screen shot, ArcGIS for SharePoint is being targeted for deployment to the site collection located at http://luxembourg/sites/demo and the web application located at http://luxembourg:
    Site Collection Deployment Targets dialog box
  5. Once you have selected the target web applications and site collections, click Next.

    The installer deploys and activates ArcGIS for SharePoint to the selected site collections and deactivates ArcGIS for SharePoint on any unchecked site collections.

  6. Once the operation is complete, click Next to view a log of the operations or Close to close the setup program.