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HTML Popup
URL http://<dynamic-feature-url>/htmlPopup
Parent Resource Feature
Required Capability Query


The htmlPopup resource provides details about the HTML popup authored by the user using ArcGIS Desktop.

This resource is available when a dynamicLayer resource's htmlPopupType is not esriServerHTMLPopupTypeNone.

Resource Hierarchy



Parameter Details
layer // Required parameter

Description: Use this parameter to define a "dynamic layer". Only dynamic map layers are supported.

  • Use "gdbVersion" on dynamic map layer definition to specify an alternate geodatabase version.
    "id": <layerOrTableId>, // optional
    "source": <layer source>, // only dynamic map layers are supported
  "id": 101,
    "type": "mapLayer",
    "mapLayerId": 0,
    "gdbVersion": "SDE.DynamicLayers"
f Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example Usage

Example 1:{"id":101,"source":{"type":"mapLayer","mapLayerId":3}}&where=1=1&f=pjson

JSON Response Syntax

  "htmlPopupType" : "<esriServerHTMLPopupTypeNone | esriServerHTMLPopupTypeAsURL | esriServerHTMLPopupTypeAsHTMLText>",
  "content": "<htmlContent>"

JSON Response Example

  "htmlPopupType" : "esriServerHTMLPopupTypeAsHTMLText",
  "content": "A <b>Sample HTML</b> pop up."