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Item Information
URL http://<service-info-url>/iteminfo
Parent Resource Info


The item information resource returns the item information card for the service which includes information such as description, summary, tags etc authored with the service.

Resource Hierarchy



Parameter Details
f Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example Usage

Example 1: Return item information for a MapService in JSON format:

JSON Response Syntax

 "culture": "<culture>",
 "name": "<servicename>",
 "guid": "<guid>",
 "catalogpath": "<catalogpath>",
 "snippet": "<snippet>",
 "description": "<description>",
 "Summary": "<service summary>",
 "title": "<title>",
 "tags": [
 "type": "<service type>",
 "typekeywords": [
 "thumbnail": "<relative thumbnail url>",
 "url": "",
 "extent": {
  "xmin": "<xmin>",
  "ymin": ">ymin>",
  "xmax": ">xmax>",
  "ymax": ">ymax>"
 "spatialreference": "<spatialreference>",
 "accessinformation": "<service access information>",
 "licenseinfo": "<service licence information >"

JSON Response Example

 "culture": "en-US",
 "name": "sanfrancisco_museums",
 "guid": "2D4D1E57-3613-4288-9221-90C97FB2803B",
 "catalogpath": "",
 "snippet": "Sample Map containg San Francisco Museum data",
 "description": "Sample Map containing point of interests in San Francisco (museums)",
 "Summary": "Sample Map containg San Francisco Museum data",
 "title": "Clustering",
 "tags": [
  "San Francisco",
 "type": "Map Service",
 "typekeywords": [
  "Map Service",
  "ArcGIS Server"
 "thumbnail": "thumbnail/thumbnail.png",
 "url": "http://server/arcgis/services/sanfrancisco_museums/",
 "extent": {
  "xmin": "-122.515048",
  "ymin": "37.632528",
  "xmax": "-122.293731",
  "ymax": "37.863433"
 "spatialreference": "GCS_WGS_1984",
 "accessinformation": "esri",
 "licenseinfo": "This is a test service."