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Update Attachment (Operation)
URL http://<featureservicefeature-url>/updateAttachment (POST only)
Parent Resource Feature
Required Capability Update


This operation updates an attachment associated with a feature (POST only). Updating an attachment is a feature update, it requires the Update capability. The update attachment operation is performed on a feature service feature resource.

Since this request uploads a file, it must be a multi-part request as per IETF RFC1867.

This operation is available only if the layer has advertised that it has attachments. A layer has attachments if its hasAttachments property is true.

See section limiting Upload file size and file types to learn more about default file size and file type limitations imposed for Attachments.

The result of this operation is an array of edit result objects. Each edit result indicates if the edit was successful or not. If successful, the objectId of the result is the ID of the updated attachment. If not successful, it also includes an error code and an error description.

You can provide arguments to the update attachment operation as query parameters defined in the parameters table below.


Parameter Details
f Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json
attachmentId Description: The ID of the attachment to be updated.

Example: attachmentId=58
attachment Description: The file to be uploaded as the updated feature attachment.

The content type, size and name of the attachment will be derived from the uploaded file.
gdbVersion //This option was added at 10.1

Description: Geodatabase version to apply the edits. This parameter applies only if isDataVersioned property of the layer is true.
If this is not specified, edits are made to the published mapís version.

Syntax: gdbVersion=<version>

Example: gdbVersion=SDE.DEFAULT

Example Usage

Example 1: Update an attachment using the update attachment operation on a feature service feature resource. In this sample url the update attachment operation is performed on feature id 818654 belonging to layer 0 of the 311Incidents FeatureService

The input parameters to this operation (attachmentIds and attachment) are the Id of the attachment to be updated and a file.

JSON Response Syntax

  "updateAttachmentResult": {
    "objectId" : <attachmentId>,
    "globalId" : <globalId>,
    "success" : <true | false>,
    "error" : { //only if success is false
      "code" : <code1>,
      "description" : "<description>",

JSON Response Example

  "updateAttachmentResult": {
    "objectId" : 58,
    "globalId" : null,
    "success" : true