Adding a vertex manually

You can add vertices to reshape features using the Edit tool and the Edit Vertices toolbar. For example, suppose you have an existing layer with curb lines and you receive an aerial photo that shows that the lines in the layer are incorrectly shaped. Using the aerial photo as a backdrop, you can add vertices to reshape the curb lines to match the photo.

When the Edit tool is active and you are editing the shape of a feature, the Edit tool pointer changes from a black arrow to a white arrow to show you can directly select vertices and modify segments. The black arrow pointer is shown when you are working with whole features rather than the individual vertices and segments that make up the feature.

  1. Click the Edit tool Edit Tool on the Editor toolbar and double-click the feature you want to edit.
  2. Below are some of the ways to add a vertex:
    • Click the Add Vertex tool Add Vertex Tool on the Edit Vertices toolbar and click where you want to insert the vertex.
    • Hold down the A key and click the vertex. When you hold down A, a plus sign (+) appears next to the white Edit tool pointer. If you hold down A, then click and drag, you can insert the vertex and move it in one motion.
    • Move the pointer to where you want the vertex added, right-click, then click Insert Vertex.
  3. Right-click anywhere on the map and click Finish Sketch.

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