Introduction to storing a Production Mapping geodatabase in Oracle (Production Mapping)

An Esri Production Mapping workspace contains the data you are using for production tasks, such as creating and updating features. Depending on the data model you are using, data in a Production Mapping workspace can be used to create a digital or hard-copy map/chart or a specific type of data. The data in a Production Mapping workspace usually corresponds with a data model and product class in the product library, but not always.

This guidebook is intended for database administrators and provides recommendations for establishing the workspace in a geodatabase in Oracle. The enterprise geodatabase uses ArcGIS technology as the gateway between GIS clients and Oracle.

Before starting this guidebook, you need to install the ArcSDE service and Oracle software.

ArcSDE service software installation

Connections to enterprise geodatabases use direct connections by default, but the ArcSDE application service is required if you want to connect to your geodatabase using the ArcSDE service connections. Direct connections are recommended.

If you will only be using direct connections and don't want the administration command line tools, ArcSDE installation isn't required.

If you want to install the ArcSDE application service or the administration command line tools, you need to download the ArcSDE installation files for your database management system and operating system from the Esri Customer Care portal. It may be useful to install the ArcSDE administration command line tools to perform certain advanced configuration operations.

Learn more about an ArcSDE service

Oracle software installation

The Oracle software media kit contains instructions to install Oracle on different platforms. Refer to software media kits for an easy and fast installation.

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