Workflow configuration for the Launch ArcMap and Edit Product custom step (Production Mapping)

When using the Product Library custom steps as part of a workflow, some specific settings on the Launch ArcMap step are required to configure the step behavior to do the following:

The Product Library tokens are used as part of this configuration. On the Launch ArcMap step, the following parameters are required and should be input as follows:

Launch ArcMap step with Product Library tokens

The table below describes each token in the Launch ArcMap step.



Argument example


Use Alternate MXD

Specifies an alternate MXD to be used as the map template for the job


On step execution, Workflow Manager opens a copy of the map document checked out from the product library.

Store MXDs in Shared Location

Specifies a location where the job MXD should be saved


Workflow Manager saves the map document back to the same location where it was checked out from the product library.

Tokens for the Launch ArcMap step

See Working with custom steps for general information about configuring the Launch ArcMap custom step.

The final requirement to enable this workflow is to set the job type MXD naming scheme to use the [PL:TOKEN_MXD_NAME] token. This ensures that when Workflow Manager names the map document, the name matches the product map document name.

MXD Naming parameter on the Naming tab on the Job Type dialog box