Creating the geodatabase and configuring it in ArcSDE (Production Mapping)

Creating an enterprise geodatabase

The server administrator needs to create a new enterprise geodatabase in SQL Server that can be used as the product library.

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Recommendations for geodatabases in SQL Server

It is recommended that the following parameter values are used when creating an enterprise geodatabase in SQL Server.

Parameter name


Server Memory: Use AWE to allocate memory


Processors: Boost SQL Server Priority


Security SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode


Connections: Maximum number of concurrent connections

0 = unlimited

Connections: Allow remote connections to this server


SQL Server parameters

Configuring the geodatabase in ArcSDE

The DBMS used for the geodatabase should be configured before the product library is set up with the default geometry storage. See Geodatabase storage in relational databases or The SERVER_CONFIG system table for more information.

All default serverconfig settings should be used, except for TCPKEEPALIVE; make sure the TCPKEEPALIVE value is set to TRUE. This command should be used from the command prompt of a machine where the ArcSDE application server is installed.


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sdeconfig -o alter -v TCPKEEPALIVE=TRUE -i sde:sqlserver:<database_name>\SQLSERVER -u sde -p <sde_password>

For more information, see the ArcSDE Administration Command Reference, which is included with the ArcSDE application server installation.