What is ArcPyProduction? (arcpyproduction)

ArcPyProduction is a site package that contains a function and a module to access key Esri Production Mapping functionality. This package provides the ability to call functionality through Python to automate workflows. Similar in concept to the ArcPy site package in ArcGIS and its associated modules, this package provides a native Python experience that offers code completion (you can type a keyword and a dot to get a pop-up list of properties and methods supported by that keyword, then select one to insert it). There is reference documentation for each function.

Module import

The ArcPyProduction module must be imported to run any of the functions. Code autocomplete is only available once it has been imported. The ArcPy site package is also required since the ArcPyProduction functions are built upon arcpy objects.

Use the following keywords to import the module.

import arcpy
import arcpyproduction

Unlike other extensions (for example, Network Analyst), where the geoprocessing tools in the extension can be accessed using both ArcPy and the extension's module (such as arcpy.na), Production Mapping geoprocessing tools can be accessed using ArcPy only and not the ArcPyProduction site package.

import arcpy
arcpy.CalculateVisualSpecifications_production(<arguments list>)

General help

Python provides the facility of documentation strings. The functions and classes available in ArcPyProduction use this method for the package documentation. One method of reading these messages and getting help is by using the command help provided by Python. Running the command with the following argument displays the calling signature and the documentation string of the object.

import arcpyproduction

Another method for getting help is the code completion provided by ArcPyProduction. Any time you type a function name and begin to enter arguments, the help and function usage are displayed in the help window.