What's new in ArcGIS Data Reviewer (Production Mapping)

ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop includes enhancements to two checks, improvements to Workflow Manager custom steps, and new geoprocessing tools.

New at 10.2.1

The latest update includes a new geoprocessing tool, Geodatabase Schema Compare. Geodatabase Schema Compare reports differences between two geodatabase schemas. Schemas can originate from different geodatabase types.

The Geometry on Geometry, Intersection on Geometry, and Invalid Hole Feature checks create Reviewer geometries if features from either the same or two different feature classes share a spatial relationship. If these checks use the Intersects or Touches spatial relationship, Reviewer geometries will be points. For example, if you configure the Geometry on Geometry check to validate two polygon feature classes with the Intersect operator, all Reviewer geometries will be points. Points will be created where polygons in the two feature classes intersect.

New at 10.2


The Table to Table Attribute check and Geometry on Geometry check now support date comparisons in the Compare Attributes dialog box. Date comparison supports equals, not equals, less than, and greater than operators. Both checks support comparing dates across different database types; for example, you can execute the Table to Table Attribute check and compare dates stored in Oracle to those stored in a file geodatabase. Comparison does not check the time component of a date.

The Valency check is now supported for execution on ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server. Validating features within ArcGIS for Server allows you to offload resource-intensive operations to remote services.

Custom steps

Data Reviewer custom steps (Create Reviewer Session and Run Reviewer Batch Job) for ArcGIS Workflow Manager now support execution on ArcGIS Workflow Manager for Server. When deployed with ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server, you can now execute Data Reviewer custom steps from the web using either the default Workflow Manager web clients or custom web applications. You can also configure these custom steps to run without user intervention.


The Data Reviewer toolbox includes a new tool, Delete Reviewer Session. Delete Reviewer Session removes one or more Data Reviewer sessions and all records associated with them. Use Delete Reviewer Session with other Data Reviewer geoprocessing tools such as Create Reviewer Session and Execute Reviewer Batch Job to automate quality control workflows.

Import CNTs

The Import CNTs button in the Batch Job Manager dialog box has been removed at release 10.2. This button imported CNT checks into Execute SQL and Custom checks. CNT checks were deprecated at version 10.

Reviewer Service

The Reviewer Service will be deprecated at the next major release of ArcGIS after 10.2. Reviewer Service functionality can be replaced with the use of Python and the Windows Task Scheduler.

Updates to Data Reviewer geoprocessing tools at version 10.1 allow you to create Reviewer sessions and execute batch jobs in Python scripts. You can script each batch validation to write its results to a new Reviewer session. Executing Python scripts from Windows Task Scheduler provides more functionality and flexibility than what is presently available in the Reviewer Service.

Update Batch Job Workspaces tool

This tool is deprecated at version 10.2 and has been removed from the Data Reviewer toolbar menu. This functionality has been replaced by the autoresourcing functionality in Batch Validate that was introduced in version 9.3.1. When a batch job is opened in Batch Validate, the resources will automatically update to the current workspace in ArcMap. At version 10.2, the Update Batch Job Workspaces tool can be accessed from the Data Reviewer category in the Customize dialog box.