Introduction to the configuring product library for editing tutorial (Production Mapping)

In this tutorial you will configure the business rules used for data production and store them in the product library. You will learn how to set up a field configuration table to customize the display of attributes and to define feature-level metadata attributes, as well as associate ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop batch jobs for on-the-fly validation.

It is recommended that you complete the tutorial in sequence, since the software methods build on those introduced in earlier exercises and assume you understand those concepts. You should complete all the sections in each exercise. If you save your edits and the map at the end of each exercise, you can start the tutorial again on the next one.



The tutorial data can be accessed from

Software environment

The following software must be installed:

  • ArcGIS for Desktop—Standard or Advanced
  • Esri Production Mapping


The tutorial is divided into a series of exercises.