Exporting Reviewer table records (Production Mapping)

Records in the Reviewer table can be exported from your current Reviewer table. The export process copies the records from the current Reviewer table to the Reviewer workspace you choose. Records can only be exported from Reviewer tables created with ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop.

When records are exported from one Reviewer table to another, all the records from the table are included. To filter the records that are exported, you can define a Structured Query Language (SQL) query. For example, if you only want to import records from session 2, you could define a query of 'SESSIONID=2'.


When records are exported using an SQL query, information from the RevBatchRunTable table is not included because that table contains a summary of which batch jobs have been run and when.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Data Reviewer.
  3. Start a Reviewer session in one of the following:
  4. On the Data Reviewer toolbar, click Data Reviewer > Table Importer/Exporter.

    The Reviewer Table Importer/Exporter dialog box appears.

  5. Click the Export option.
    Reviewer Table Importer/Exporter

    You can only export records to a current version of the Reviewer workspace.

  6. Click Browse.

    The Browse for Workspace dialog box appears.

  7. Navigate to the database to which you want to export records.
  8. Click Add.

    The Reviewer Table Importer/Exporter dialog box appears.

  9. To filter the records that are imported, click SQL Builder and define a query.
  10. Click Export.

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