Uninstalling the Data Reviewer service (Production Mapping)

When the uninstall program is run for ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop, the Data Reviewer service is automatically uninstalled. To manually uninstall the Data Reviewer service, double-click the ReviewerServiceUninstaller.exe file in the <Data Reviewer install location>/Bin directory.

When the Data Reviewer service is uninstalled, its registry entry is removed. The user, directories, and files are still left on the machine.

  1. If necessary, right-click the Data Reviewer Service Controller icon Data Reviewer Service Controller in the system tray and click Exit.
  2. Browse to [installation directory]\Program Files\ArcGIS\ArcGISDataReviewer\Desktop<release>\Bin\ReviewerServiceUninstaller.exe.
  3. Double-click the ReviewerServiceUninstaller.exe file.

The Data Reviewer service is uninstalled from your computer.


The uninstaller does a silent uninstall. You will not see any console or user interface when the uninstall program is run. However, it does create a log file in the current user's temp directory.