What's new in editing for Esri Production Mapping (Production Mapping)

Esri Production Mapping includes enhancements and updates.

New in 10.2.2

This release includes several new generalization tools that are available in the Production Mapping toolbox and a new module in the ArcPyProduction Python site package.

Generalization geoprocessing scripts

The generalization scripts can be found in the new Generalization toolset in the Production Mapping toolbox and are as follows:

  • Aggregate Polygons—Combines polygons based on field values and a tolerance
  • Convert Polygons—Deletes polygons that are below a minimum size
  • Delete Dangles—Removes lines that are shorter than a specified length and are not connected to other features on both ends
  • Delete Polygons and Extend Lines—Removes polygons and extends the connected lines to the center point
  • Extend Polygon Sides—Extends the heights and widths of polygons until they meet a minimum value
  • Increase Line Length—Increases the length of lines from the center until they meet a specified length
  • Increase Polygon Area—Increases the areas of polygons until they meet a minimum size or greater
  • Modify Underlying Polygon—Replaces the polygon features under a line, as needed, for cartographic appearance

The Thin Hydro Features and Thin Spot Heights geoprocessing tools have been moved from the Cartographic Data toolset to the new Generalization toolset.

Generalization module Python functions

The Generalization module of the ArcPyProduction site package contains several functions that allow you to convert areal and length units and merge features.

  • ConvertAreal—Converts data units to areal units
  • ConvertIntersectingPolygons—Merges polygons in one feature class with features from another
  • ConvertLinearUnits—Converts data units to linear units
  • MergeAggregate—Merges polygons within a specified distance based on field values
  • MergeDissolve—Dissolves polygons that touch based on field values

Changes in 10.2.1

For 10.2.1, several changes have been made.

Linear referencing

At 10.2.1, the deprecation process started for the linear referencing tools. This means that they will be available through the Customize dialog box in ArcMap but not on a toolbar or in a toolbox. These tools will be completely removed from the product at 10.3.

Editing tools

The following tools have been removed from the Production Editing Advanced toolbar and will be available through the Customize dialog box:

  • Null Feature Remover
  • Populate GUID
  • Select Bad Geometry
  • Simplify

What's new in 10.2 final

Esri Production Mapping 10.2 includes enhancements and updates.

General editing tools

Minor changes and enhancements have been made to editing tools.

  • The Production Modify Topology Edge tool can now perform reshaping across multiple topology edges. Z-values are also recalculated based on the current location of the vertices during the reshaping process.
  • The Dynamic Extend tool has been deprecated from Production Mapping.


The Create Replica tool has the following changes:

  • With the Exclude Relationship Classes (in_exclude_rel_class) parameter, you can define a list of relationship classes to exclude from replication.
  • The Replica Datasets (in_datasets) parameter now accepts a value table with the datasets to replicate and the filter option to use.