An overview of the To CAD toolset

Tools in the To CAD toolset convert geodatabase features to native CAD formats. You can use these tools in geoprocessing models and scripts to define your own conversion procedures.



Add CAD Fields

Adds several reserved CAD fields in one step. Fields created by this tool are used by the Export To CAD tool to generate CAD entities with specific properties. After executing this tool, you must calculate or type the appropriate field values.

Export to CAD

Creates one or more CAD drawings based on the values contained in one or more input feature classes or feature layers and supporting tables.


The following tools were available in this toolset prior to version 10, but have been removed since they are no longer applicable.



Create CAD XData

Use the Export_to_CAD tool. By default this tool generates output to DWG formats (version 2007 or higher) that includes feature class schema and attribute data as xrecords.

ArcGIS for Desktop reads this information and displays the data as subset feature classes. CAD professionals can edit this information in AutoCAD-based applications with the Esri plug-in ArcGIS for AutoCAD.

Set CAD Alias

Use Add_Field to create a new field then use Calculate_Field to populate its records with values from an existing field.

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