What's new for Mobile GIS

This topic provides links to information on new Esri mobile product offerings and on what's new for existing mobile products.

New products since ArcGIS 10.0

New SDKs

  • ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android (previously known as ArcGIS API for Android)
  • ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS (previously known as ArcGIS API for iOS)
  • ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Windows Phone (previously ArcGIS API for Windows Phone)
  • ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for WPF (for Windows) and Java (for Windows and Linux), first release in beta at time of publication, allow you to bring ArcGIS capabilities to small-footprint, focused applications you build. If your users don't have a network or Internet connection, you can provision their devices so that they can work while disconnected. They can perform spatial analysis, geocoding, routing, and editing while disconnected.

ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for WPF and Java, like other Esri Runtime SDKs, include support for GPS/location-aware applications.

What's new in mobile applications

What's new in mobile SDKs

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