What's new in the Nautical toolbox

The Nautical Solution toolbox experienced significant changes at the 10.1 release. Tools were added to and removed from the Cartography toolset. The S-57 toolset was removed.

Toolset changes

Two tools were added to the Cartography toolset. Several tools were removed from the Cartography toolset. You still have access to these tools, as they are in other toolsets. Tools removed include the following:

The S-57 toolset has been removed. The Export Nautical Product command in the Product Library window provides similar functionality.

New tools




Cartography toolset

Generate Annotation Masks

Generates polygon masks for annotation features that intersect other polygon features. This tool supports nautical cartographic workflows that require masking based on geographic coincidence to specified input features. The specified input features (those that intersect the input annotation features) can be polygons or polylines from the ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting data model or other sources.

Generate Cartographic Limits

Makes it easy to remove coincident features along a coastline and eliminates masks. This improves cartographic display of nautical digital and hard-copy charts in the following manner:

  • Establishes a seaward limit of features coincident to a coastline
  • Reduces the number of features rendered on a chart
  • Decreases drawing and export times of nautical products

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