What's new for page layouts and data frames in ArcGIS 10.1


The legend has been enhanced to be dynamic. That is, legends support the display of only features in the visible extent and features counts. The legend can now have a fixed area on the page. The frame size will remain fixed and as legend items are added or removed, they will adjust to fit inside. Dynamic legends are useful for conventional page layouts as well as Data Driven Pages.

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North arrows

A new True North option has been added as well as calibration angle enhancements.

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Scale bars

Scale bars have been enhanced to allow you to set the zero point as the anchor so that multiple, different unit, scale bars can be aligned with each other.

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Dynamic text

Dynamic text tags have been added for Data Driven Pages Display Expression. This is the value of the Display Expression set in the Display tab of the Layer Properties dialog box. Using the display expression, you can create a more complex dynamic text element.

Dynamic text tags have been added for Data Driven Pages Attribute. This is the value of the selected index layer attribute for the given page. If subtypes or attribute domains are being used, you have the option of using the domain value or description.

Navigating Data Driven Pages

You can now use the index layer's attribute table to navigate your pages using the Go to Page command off the row context menu.

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